Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ang Alpabetong Pilipino (Filipino Alphabet)

How many letters does the Filipino alphabet have? Actually, the alphabet where using now was derive from the western alphabet. The English alphabet is consist of 26 letters. Filipino alphabet have two additional letters, Ñ and NG. Ñ came from Spanish and NG belongs to original Filipino sound.

here's the chart of Filipino Alphabet:

We have a total of 28 letters.

Filipino Alphabet have 5 vowels and the rest are all consonants. Filipino pronounce it's vowels as itself. The A is like the sound of A when you pronounce the word cAr. E is Elephant. I is Inject. O is chOcO. And U is like the sound of "oo" in the word mOOn.

Our words also consist of double consonant in writing and pronunciation. So if you want to learn more about Filipino Alphabet, just wait until my next post. :) So much for today!~

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